ICSA Identity Statement: Islamic Civic Society of America (ICSA) demonstrates the compatibility between Islamic principles and the principles of democracy. Members of ICSA are dedicated to governing for the common good while addressing the specific needs of the Muslim community. The Islamic Civic Society of America Governing Document guides members in their commitment to advance ICSA identity while achieving goals.

ICSA is a governing member of the Minnesota Active Citizenship Initiative

ICSA Purpose: To develop the civic capacity and civic infrastructure needed to uphold the ICSA Intuitional Governance while achieving goals. Members of the ICSA Organizing Agency have primary obligation to achieve this purpose.

ICSA – Dar Al-Hijrah Programs

ICSA – Dar Al-Hijrah youth development and leadership programs shall welcome any Muslim youth in the state of Minnesota to enhance their religion and culture, expand their educational level, strengthen between families and youth ties, establish non-violent methods for peace, institute integrity, and work for better future.
Part-Time Islamic Schools currently serves students of all ages. Their curriculum includes memorization of the Holy Qur’an, Islamic Studies, reading and writing Arabic, Islamic manners (Tarbiyah), Islamic history (Seerah), prophet’s way of life (Hadith), jurisprudence (Fiqh), and remembrance of Allah (Thikr).
ICSA’s woman leadership program is to educate Muslim women about their faith. Women are encouraged to gather weekly for study of the Qur’an and discussion of issues that affect their lives. This education serves as the foundation for women’s empowerment in decision making, both within the Muslim community and in mainstream society. Women leadership strongly encourages Muslim women to be involved in public school education and in politics, providing training and mentoring on public speaking, self-confidence, organizational skills, interfaith work, conflict resolution and stress reduction.
ICSA – Dar Al-Hijrah offers a counseling office where the Imam provides counseling on social issues such as marriage, divorce, and conflict resolution. The Imam will intensively go over with the family about their issues, and he will provide a solution that is reason able for both parties.

For further details please contact
Wali Dirie (612.817.9934) – Executive Director
Abdisamad Ibrahim (612. 707.4424)

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