A Message from Imam Sharif Mohamed of Islamic Civic Society of America/Dar Al-Hijrah Mosque

In the wake of Friday’s Presidential Executive Order - freezing immigrants or citizens of certain countries entering or returning to the United States – we stand united.  We know this is an affront to our people.  It will do us harm and it feeds those that think with hate and division. We do not need to be filled with fear, even as we feel nervous about what lies ahead. We have seen trials and burdens as a people. Allah (God) has honored us with opportunities to show our devotion and commitment to serve Him.  We are in a moment that can remind us of those trials.  We are truly strong and we again will endure.  To endure does not mean that we fail to stand up for ourselves.  Allah (God) has given us the ability to know what is just and what is true love.  We have a chance to show the world that we are an expression of Allah’s (God’s) love. Each of us can and are called to make a difference.  We will stand together to help our community and prove to ourselves and this country that we belong to a great nation that is capable of good for all. ICSA is acting, organizing itself and in our community to ensure that our efforts are inclusive, bound to the will of Allah, and effective in resisting hate. Now is not the time to sit hidden in corners hoping trouble will pass us or our neighbor. We ask all of you to act wisely, to act with generosity and love, but certainly to Act! Begin by Seeking to Understand
  1. Trust your faith. Before you act, ask yourself, what does Allah want of me in this moment? Spend time at the mosque, listen to each other and council wisely. Don’t grow fear in one another, focus on what is to be done to decrease fear, build bridges, educate, and will please Allah (God).
  2. Understand what is happening and what are the affects of what is happening. Decide, do you trust your sources of information. Pay close attention to the sources you trust. It is a time to pay attention.
  3. When you have identified an issue that concerns you, use the following steps
Take Action
  1. Send a message, preferably a phone call directly to your elected officials, State and Federal – express your concerns, demands for justice, and insistence that this be a nation for all citizens.
Have answers to these questions in your mind as you call:
  • What is happening?
  • What will be the result of this?
  • How our government and our people respond? Do I have an idea of what would a better?
  • Try to be specific in your thoughts.
  1. Attend a rally and use that time to listen to others, and carry a sign with messages of hope, love, and a call to others to join you in a commitment to a better world.
  2. If there are loved ones that are affected by this Executive Order, seek out community center for help.  If you need contact information, reach out to us, we will help you.
  3. Organize a neighborhood get-together where you can talk, calm those that need to be calmed.  organize those that need to be brought into action but don’t push or bully others to act, counsel them towards their courage and faith.
  4. Reach out to volunteer lawyers or free legal staff -there are so many that stand with us.
  5. For those of you that are reading this and are not Muslim. You are our brothers and sisters. We gladly welcome you to stand with us.  Join us in our marches, in our prayers, in our efforts to understand, and in our duty to show the power of love between all peoples.
Thank you for your support and know you can count on the support of the Islamic Civic Society of American/Dar Al-Hijrah Mosque & Open Path Resources.


ICSA Identity Statement: Islamic Civic Society of America (ICSA) demonstrates the compatibility between Islamic principles and the principles of democracy. Members of ICSA are dedicated to governing for the common good while addressing the specific needs of the Muslim community. The Islamic Civic Society of America Governing Document guides members in their commitment to advance ICSA identity while achieving goals. ICSA is a governing member of the Minnesota Active Citizenship Initiative ICSA Purpose: To develop the civic capacity and civic infrastructure needed to uphold the ICSA Intuitional Governance while achieving goals. Members of the ICSA Organizing Agency have primary obligation to achieve this purpose.

ICSA - Dar Al-Hijrah Programs

ICSA - Dar Al-Hijrah youth development and leadership programs shall welcome any Muslim youth in the state of Minnesota to enhance their religion and culture, expand their educational level, strengthen between families and youth ties, establish non-violent methods for peace, institute integrity, and work for better future. Part-Time Islamic Schools currently serves students of all ages. Their curriculum includes memorization of the Holy Qur'an, Islamic Studies, reading and writing Arabic, Islamic manners (Tarbiyah), Islamic history (Seerah), prophet's way of life (Hadith), jurisprudence (Fiqh), and remembrance of Allah (Thikr). ICSA’s woman leadership program is to educate Muslim women about their faith. Women are encouraged to gather weekly for study of the Qur'an and discussion of issues that affect their lives. This education serves as the foundation for women's empowerment in decision making, both within the Muslim community and in mainstream society. Women leadership strongly encourages Muslim women to be involved in public school education and in politics, providing training and mentoring on public speaking, self-confidence, organizational skills, interfaith work, conflict resolution and stress reduction. ICSA - Dar Al-Hijrah offers a counseling office where the Imam provides counseling on social issues such as marriage, divorce, and conflict resolution. The Imam will intensively go over with the family about their issues, and he will provide a solution that is reason able for both parties. For further details please contact Wali Dirie (612.817.9934) – Executive Director Abdisamad Ibrahim (612. 707.4424) Kindly click the button below to donate online! Donate Online _______________________________________________________________________________________

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