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Good News from Dar Al-Hijrah

Assalamu alaikum (peace be with you)! The Islamic Civic Society of America is pleased to announce that the reconstruction of Dar Al-Hijrah Mosque has begun. It is almost a year since January 1st fire that damaged the Masjid. The community has been eagerly waiting for the re-opening of this strategic center in the heart of the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis. We hope that the Masjid will re-open in February, 2015. There will be notable changes that will make the building more accessible and welcoming.

Phase one of the re-modeling will cost about $275,000.00 and the Masjid has $150,000.00 available. Your continued moral and financial support is needed to complete the project. Please, donate generously and spread the good news!

For further details please contact
Wali Dirie (612.817.9934) – Executive Director
Sheikh Abdisalam Adam (612.227.3933)
Abdisamad Ibrahim (612. 707.4424)

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Bishaarada Majidka Daarul-Hijrah!

Assalaamu calaykum! Waxaa bulshawaynta Minnesota loogu bishaaraynayaa inay la billaabatay dib-u-dhiskii Masjidka Daarul-Hijrah oo ku yaalla xaafadda Cedar ee Minneapolis. Sannad ku dhowaad ayaa ka soo wareegay dabkii dhaawacay Masjidka ee dhacay 1-dii Jannaayo, 2014. Is-bedello muuqda ayaa lagu kordhin dhismaha si uu u noqdo mid dadka u fududeeya isticmaalka. Waxaa la rajayn in Masjidka dib loo furo bisha Febraayo, 2015.

Qaybta hore ee dib-u-dhiska Masjidka waxay ku kacaysaa $275,000.00, waxaana la hayaa $150,00.00. Sidaa daraadeed waxaa dadweynaha laga codsanayaa inay sii wadaan taageerada dhaqaale iyo ducada si loo xaqiijiyo ku noqoshada Masjidkeenna. Fadlan, ku deeq Majidka, warkan sanna faafi!

Masjid Dar Al-Hijrah Still Shut Down

Dear brother/sister, the Masjid is still shut down and all of its activities have stopped or in temporary locations. The roof and walls adjacent to the destroyed building have extensive fire damage. Also, up to 18 inches of water flooded the building causing leakage in several locations and heavy damage to property. Please, see media coverage of the Masjid situation.


Dar Al-Hijrah Activities

Dar Al-Hijrah is one of the busiest Masajid in the Twin Cities by virtue of its strategic location in the heart of Minneapolis. Its activities include the five daily prayers, study circles, week-end Qur’an school for children and adults, pre-school, youth development, family counseling, and general outreach programs for non-Muslims.

Urgent Appeal to Help Re-Build the Masjid

Masjid Dar Al-Hijrah needs your help. Please, contribute to re-opening the House of Allah and get a perpetual charity for yourself and loved ones. The Masjid is a tax exempt 501 (c3) organization, with IRS number 41-2015497.


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