The constitution of any civilization rests upon the realms of family. The rudimentary of a family is marriage, and in Islam, marriage is considered as a lawful agreement and a revered act. God has made us into many nations, and from that element many families and relatives came about. From these families emerge different people in it who have diverse features, opinions or ideas, norms, etc. Anyone of these people tend to look at the world with an eye that he or she only has access to; therefore, communications in families have to be very accurate and respectful approach. It is the interconnections between the husband, wife, children, and far or near relative that is the most crucial part of any family.

Islam is a constitution, law, nation, and many more according to many scholars. Since Islam is a God driven religion rather than human being(s), it has sacred laws that need to be followed accordingly such as any nation’s rulings on certain issue. Thus, Islam provides rights of husband, wife, children, and relative on a balanced scale. These rights are composed of economy, social, private, political, freedom, etc. This way Islam, despite the communications within any family, provides laws that will set them free from error. However, these errors always bound to happen since we are human beings who fall into faults every day.

Therefore, ICSA established, since its beginning, a counseling office where the imam provides counseling on social issues such as marriage, divorce, and conflict resolution. The imam will extensively go over with the family about their issues, and he will provide a solution that is reasonable for both parties. Divorce issues surface more often than others. In Islam, divorce is permissible; however, it is also the only thing that God made tolerable but detests, that’s why divorce in Islam is used as last resort for resolution.

Members of the community are welcomed and encouraged to come to the office at the designated hours if they have problems with marriage, families, religion, or any other issues that are relevant.
For an appointment, please call this number (612) 339.2625