Introduction of the Schools

Education is the cornerstone of life that makes everything possible. Civilizations have never been possible without education. For example, if literacy is low in a country, than that country will never make any progress. Therefore, education must be sustained through teaching and learning. In other words, education is a human right, as Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said; “Seeking knowledge is mandatory upon every Muslim male or female.” Since education is the key to prevail in this life, providing educational opportunities is one of the priorities of ICSA. Therefore, ICSA established schools to execute this mission. The goals of
ICSA’s schools are

  • To transmit authentic Islamic knowledge for students to uphold their Islamic identity
  • To keep the rites and costums of Islam and Muslims alive through learning early historical and cultural generations
  • To produce conscious, successful, and productive citizens who possess the leadership skills to face future challenges
  • To fulfill the educational needs of Muslims in Minnesota
  • To enable and encourage students to educate themselves and to improve the living standards of their own and their families.
  • To give teachers enough training and clear direction to give students constructive guide.

Salahudin Weekend School – Saturday-Sunday from 08:30am – 12:00pm. For further information, contact us at (612) 817-9934

Halaqas (Circle studies) and ongoing lectures

To seek knowledge is a sacred responsibility and binding action upon every Muslim, female or male. Being part of a Muslim community that resides within a non-Muslim nation, a great responsibility rests upon every Muslim’s shoulders to understand and convey the religion of Islam in the noblest way that has been taught and preached by our great teacher prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Weekly Halaqa: The halaqa focuses on the youth so that they can enhance
their knowledge of Islam through spiritual and intellectual enhancement. The
halaqa also promotes the idea of creating dialogue and meticulous understanding between the youths and the scholars. Deep thinking about Islam and everything else in life is the core of this halaqa, so that youths become critical thinkers. In addition, the halaqa imparts the notion of mutual understanding and sharing our ideas. This should result in an environment of brother/sisterhood and understanding. These Halaqas changes from time to time and from book to book. These halaqas mainly take place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.