Health Screening (HS):
Health Screening (HS) is a free and accessible health service provided by Islamic Civic Society of America for the community in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Health, where members of the community can check their blood pressure, diabetes, weight, height, and child and teen checkups.

Thus, the aims of HS are to:

  • Eliminate the health disparities within the Somali community
  • Create an accessible health screening and routine check-ups for diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Provide a bridge between faith based medical practice and modern health practices
  • Create a network with other health organizations and care providers
  • Teach and educate the community members about the dangers and symptoms of the diseases
  • Raise community health awareness and create healthier environment
  • Create a behavioral change so the client gets into a habit of preventive care

The two major diseases that HS focuses on are hypertension and diabetes. Hypertension (blood pressure) is the pressure exerted by the blood against the walls of the arteries, which could lead to cardiovascular diseases. Diabetes means the body does not produce or use insulin properly, which results in too much sugar in one’s blood and urine.

Both of these diseases are major chronic diseases in the United Sates and elsewhere in the world and could lead any time in any one of these diseases heart attack, stroke, arteriosclerosis, blindness, kidney failure, impotence in men if they are not treated.

The medical assistants are available to assist you with blood pressure and diabetes check-ups and will give you the necessary advice. In addition to this daily operation, HS also works in variety of other settings from home visiting to public events. This is due to the wide network collaboration of HS with other organizations, such as Volunteers of America for seniors, Teen and Child checkups, and ICSA Youth Council.

Studies show that almost 18.2 million Americans have diabetes, 5.2 million of these do not even know if they have or not.


For further details on this program, please call this number (612) 339-2625