Eid Al-Fitr – Tuesday August 3oth, 2011/AH 1432

Eid Al-Fitr – Tuesday August 3oth, 2011/AH 1432

Islamic Civic Society of America wishes a pleasant Eid Mubarak to all of you wherever you may be, Kulu ?Amin wantum bikheyr. We pray that Allah accepts our good deeds of this Ramadan. Eid Al-Fitr is one of the major Islamic Holiday remarking the end of long fasting month, Ramadan.

Eid prayer will be held at the following locations & Times

Dar Al-Hijrah Mosque:
1st Prayer starts at 7:45am & 2nd Prayer Starts at 8:45am
Address: 504 Cedar Avenue, Mpls, MN 55454

Brian Coyle Community Center:
1st Prayer starts at 8:00am & 2nd Prayer Starts at 9:00am
420 South 15th Avenue, Mpls, MN 55454

Zakat Al-Fitr:
is alms for the month of Ramadan, which is accepted by the mosque prior to the Eid Al-Fitr prayer in the amount of $10 depending on the use of currency or a full lunch for one poor person.

2nd Islamic Eid Carnival: Right after Eid Prayer 10am-5pm
Huset Park (40th Avenue & Jefferson St. Columbia Heights, MN 55421)
We invite you, your families, kids, friends to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr with us.
InshaAllah we will have Full Activities, Games, Entertainments, Rides, Food & lots of fun for everyone. We will bring Sumo Wrestling, Dunk Tank, Paint Ball, water slide and kids Jumps, interactive, obstacle course
More Activities:
Water Gun Fight, Tug of War, Archer/Arrow, Soccer game, Basketball tournament, Kick Ball game, Dough ball, 3 point contest, Free throw contest, Dunking contest and Racing/track
Tickets are $20  for five years and older
Parents, four years and younger is free

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