Dar Al-Hijrah Youth Council Constitution

Dar Al-Hijrah Youth Council Constitution

In the name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful


Dar Al-Hijrah Council (DYC) is a committee apointed by the Board to organize the youth. Dar Al-Hijrah Youth Council shall welcome any Muslim youth in the state of Minnesota to enhance their religion and culture, expand their educational level, strengthen between families  and youth ties, establish non-violent methods for peace, institute integrity, and work for better future. DYC will utilize Islamic philosophy, education and training, and will also be active in our community by unifying youth.


Article I: Name
The name of the committee shall be Dar Al-Hijrah Youth Council.

Article II: The Chair Persons

  • The chair person shall hold the chair for six (6) months, and a new one will be established in office on every first day of the following month; the same date is set for other vacancy(-ies).
  • Once elected, the Chair and Vice-Chair will select their own choice of members of Educational, Management, Finance, Public Relations, & Technology Committees.
  • Together, Chair and Vice-Chair will make an Islamic pledge in regards of their duty­­ that they will uphold the law of the constitution of DYC and follow the Islamic Shariah at its acme.
  • The following requirements are prerequisites to run for Chair and Vice-Chair positions:
    • A Muslim
    • Has knowledge about the Shariah Al-Islam (educated)
    • Has the capability of understanding his or her society or people
    • Has to be sincere, trustworthy, and devoted to promote and boost the committee
    • Has to be in peace with his or her people
    • Justice in all aspects
    • Possess all the leadership skills necessary to lead DYC
    • Man or woman, one should dress formally and  properly

Article III: The Supreme Committee
The Supreme Committee shall consist of three people from the Board Members of the center. They shall be the imam, director, and manager of Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Civic Center. Their term is infinite to DYC terms. Its aspire is

  • To investigate any predicament within DYC
  • To advocate fair elections
  • To find solutions for Chair and Vice-Chair persons, and
  • To impeach officials who act wrongly according to the constitution of DYC and the organization.

Article IV: Educational Committee

This committee’s project is to fulfill all the educational needs for DYC. Their purpose is to assemble educational desires whenever there is an event or halaqah.

  • To come up with quizzes and awards for contests
  • To form two groups of nasheeds (male and female)
  • To make Hal-Ta’llam lyrics
  • To come up topics for events or conferences
  • To make a set and standard of curriculum for schools at DAHIC
  • To establish new halaqahs with their books for the center if necessary
  • To arrange educational fieldtrips
  • To provide educational entertainments during events or halaqahs
  • To make announcements once and while when certain things change

Article V: Finance Committee
This committee’s job is to secure the budget of DYC, collect money from its sources, keep records of the expenses and receipts, and open an account for DYC under Dar-Al-Hijrah organization account. Make connections with businesses, restaurants, companies, etc. to help us financially and promote the objectives of DYC.

  • To collect the monthly budget from DYC Financers
  • To estimate the expenses
  • To record receipts
  • Provide food and drinks

Article VI: Management Committee
This committee’s task is to manage the events, weekly halaqahs and lectures, and meetings that occur within Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Civic Center that are arranged by DYC. One has to have the capability of writing the outcome result from the meetings, events and conferences, and keeping the secret information of the organization.

  • To arrange agendas for events,
  • To set meeting, lecture, halaqahs, and event’s tables, water, curtains, etc.
  • To keep documents and files of the DYC
  • To report on the outcome of events, meetings, conferences, halaqahs, etc.
  • To clean up the used venue
  • To provide security at the venue

Article VII: Technology Committee
This committee’s assignment is to manage any technical need or issues that arise within Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Civicl Center.

  • To record halaqahs, events, and conference in video/audio format
  • To supervise Dar Al-Hijrah’s website
  • To send mass e-mails formerly
  • To create tapes or CDs of event or halaqah’s lectures
  • To administer computers of DYC and Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Civic Center
  • To fashion flyers, booklets, etc. of/for events and conferences
  • To compose a documentary of DYC or DAHIC once upon a time

Article VIII: Public Relations Committee
Its goals are to spread the initiatives of DYC throughout our community, advocate as ambassadors for DYC, establish camaraderie with other organizations, businesses and communities, and promote the image of DYC. PRC members should have the capability of communicating and reaching out to others effectively and promote DYC’s aims and objectives.

  • To distribute flyers
  • To provide rides for the attendees
  • To confirm speakers of the events when the general body agrees upon
  • To collect numbers, e-mails and information of the attendees of events
  • To reach out to the community
  • To create a better understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims


Amendment I: Terms
Whether someone can be re-elected is determined by the individual and members of DYC and Supreme Committee. Note that only Chair and Vice-Chair vacancies run for election and not those of subcommittees, which will be composed by the Chair and Vice-Chair persons once they are inaugurated.

  • The Chair person can run for the same position after his or her completion of term. If for some reason, judged by the Supreme Committee, he or she does not want to run then he or she is excused. The same procedure goes for the Vice-Chair person.

Amendment II: Election
No one can vote during the Election Day who is not a member of DYC. The Supreme Committee will present and collect the votes and give the results of the election with the aid from members of DYC. Officials running for a position should be elected with respect and in fairness because of their background with DYC and their community commitments.

Amendment III: Impeachment
The Supreme Committee has the power to impeach any member of DYC and no one else can be substituted for this position. There will not be an impeachment unless there are discrepancies about the work, obligations, and responsibilities of that DYC member.

  • In addition, officials of DYC can be unseated if there is 2/3 of votes in favor by the general body and Supreme Committee. No one can be impeached without authentic evidences or proofs that are not present during the argument.
  • If the Chair person of DYC is impeached or resigns then the Vice-Chair takes over, and he or she will have to appoint a new Vice-Chair to office.
  • Officials of DYC can be impeached from the office by the Supreme Committee if the following cases arise:
    • Betrayal or Treason
    • Bribery or Corruption
    • Transgressing the Islamic Shariah (Law)
    • Dishonesty or disgrace towards DYC or DAHIC

Amendment IV: Meetings
On every other week there will be a meeting within the officials of DYC to react upon the budget, tasks, effects of the initiatives of DYC, and any other possible necessity that can enhance DYC and DAHIC and their programs; these meetings are 12 in the whole six (6) months of the term.

  • No official can be absent from any meetings of DYC unless inflexible circumstances occur, which makes up your first excused absence. These are:
    • Funeral(s)
    • Accidents, coma, or hospitalization
    • College  Finals
    • Work schedule change
  • One can only be absent (unexcused) 1 time during the term of six (6) months; more than 1 absent a fine of $20 dollars is added to one’s account, which will go towards DYC’s account.

Amendment V: DYC Financers
To fully equip and maintain DYC’s aim and structure, DYC Financers pay a specific amount of money at the beginning of every new month. These amounts will be spend on behalf of the DYC’s movements within the community and every other expenses needed to revive, strengthen, and encourage our Muslim youths everywhere. Money spend in the name of good will only breed well. Financers of DYC are the followings so far:

  • Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Civic Center

Amendment VI: Events
DYC will hold bi-monthly events that are in connection with youth awareness such as Islam and its vast teachings, education, orientations on health and life affairs, etc. DYC will also proudly form an additional event whenever an Islamic or  non-Islamic holiday occurs. Events held by DYC are free of charge, unless noted so on the flyers. DYC will also hold a big conference once every 6 months outside the center.